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Educational Seminar

Exciting news everyone. After a slow and steady climb towards the summit, the Crestone Energy Fair has finally launching an ongoing education series. We are excited to announce that we will be hosting monthly education events to support the updated Energy Efficient Checklist. The series launched this year at the 2nd Annual Garden Fest with Eric Maki presenting information on Greenhouse planning and construction. This month (June) we will host a panel discussion and workshop on Passive Solar Design 101. We’ll cover topics ranging from siting and thermal mass to insulation and interior finishes. Compare climate and location to materials and layouts. Understand why each passive solar design is unique to its location and micro climate. Watch the Crestone Energy Fair FB page and the local flyer locations for dates and details. Also keep an eye out for Dave Kirchner’s solar cooking workshop in July. Maybe we will even do some solar cooking at the 4th of July celebration. Hmmm. Thanks for your support everyone…This year’s Fair is going to be amazing.

Donovan Spitzman