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Presentations and Workshops at The Energy Fair


SUBMISSIONS FOR THE 2019 FAIR ARE CLOSED  - thank you for your interest!



Workshops are at the heart of The Energy Fair’s mission – public education about renewable energy and sustainability. Please consider sharing your sustainable living knowledge with our community, networking is essential to building a sustainable future.


Goat Milking
Photo by Lori (Nagel) Sunflower

Possible Categories:

  • Alternative Construction & Green Building
  • Alternative Energy and Fuel Sources
  • Sustainable Health and Wellness
  • Community Building
  • Social and Restorative Justice
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Solar Thermal
  • Sustainable Farm & Garden
  • Sustainable Living
  • Wind Systems
  • Stewardship of the Elements
  • Celebration and Ceremony
  • And more!  Bring us your ideas.