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Lee Temple 2019 Keynote Speech

Lee Temple is an award-winning author, visionary, elder, community organizer, and global sustainability activist/consultant—a planetary change agent and vital force for cross-cultural transformatio

2019 Crestone Energy Fair: torroidal coil by Om Wear

Harry, creator of this particular torroidal coil gives us a personal demonstration of both personal and house model torroidal coil.

Papercrete - concepts, ideas and challenges

Donovan will be covering papercrete concepts, ideas and challenges.

Rammed Earth Tire Construction

Pete is joining us for his first year with the Fair. He will be discussing rammed earth tire construction along with basic earthship design and construction.

Conscious Cordwood Building

Juniper will discuss conscious cordwood building, including mitigating dying forest to start hugelkultur beds and recycling glass.

Painting the Inner Journey

This immersive experience is for artists and non artists alike.

125 Azurite Trail, Crestone Colorado

An exceptional off-grid straw bale home, including a brilliant passive solar design and airflow system, a robust triple redundant PV system to run the house and work

1548 Antelope Way, Crestone CO

Energy efficient 2 BD/2BA 1078 sf new constructions on .5 acre w/ T&G aspen ceilings, in floor radiant heat, on demand hot water heater and propane stove.

269 Springdale Trail, Crestone CO

Passive solar design is only the beginning of the features in this incredible home.

Restorative Justice with Molly Rowan Leach, Lisa Bodey, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney & Orca Ross

Join us as we introduce Restorative Justice and the 5 Preconditions for Restorative Practices based on Dominic Barter's work.  We will explore recent history of RJ in Crestone with firsthand accoun

Solar Panels (on display both days)

A full Solar Powered display and allegory with a working model of an off-grid system.

Sound & Light by Russell Preister

This intimate workshop focuses on light and sound frequency enhanced by brainwave entertainment, coherence, consciousness, healing and living crystalline water.  

Crestone Energy Fair - Home Tours

By Goldie Mariola, Home Tour Coordinator

30th Anniversary of the Crestone Energy Fair

30th Anniversary of the Crestone Energy Fair Aug 16-18

Crestone Energy Fair…Climate Solutions Now for Seven Generations!

The Crestone Energy Fair will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary on August 16-18, 2019 in downtown Crestone’s Town Park and Little Pearl Park.

Self-Generate the ”Love Molecule" by Lorin Kiely

In this experiential presentation we will learn how to soothe the body, calm the heart, quiet the mind and, discover a blissful feeling of quantum coherence in our consciousness.

How to Communicate Better by Paul Shippee

This is a mini-workshop based on a learning circle to help us learn the magic and skills of how to communicate better in all our relations.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Brian Chi

Come and learn how to relax on the inside. Lets harness some lifeforce energy together!

Regenerative Community Development by Miranda Clendening

Miranda will talk about whole-systems regenerative Community Development & will briefly describe town progress with new Healthcare Caregivers Cooperative formation, new Crestone Youth Initiativ

Colorado Jural Assembly by Russell Preister

Colorado Jural Assembly, The Great Awakening, National Debt Relief Program.
Are you a US Citizen or an American State National?

Hemp Grower's Forum by Suzanne Rouge

Hemp Grower's Forum:  Brainstorming ideas about how to move the hemp agenda forward in the San Luis Valley.

Unconditional Love by Ramloti

Unconditional Love is what most of us have been searching for all of our lives. For most, woefully lacking in our childhood when we needed it the most, we carry that hunger with us.

Beyond BlueGreen Team by Susan Carpenter Sims

Susan will share the story of Beyond BlueGreen's journey to develop small-scale water recycling solutions for community laundry centers that use filtered greywater to irrigate community gardens.  <

Garden Season Extenders by Dave Kirchner

Presentation of various types of season extenders, why and how to use them. Actual construction of a small cold frame and a 4x8 ft hinged low tunnel.

Solar Cooking by Dave Kirchner

Presentation using flip chart illustrations of a variety of solar cookers. Plus several actual cookers - Panel Cooker, Box Oven.


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